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Kiosks that has medical devices such as blood pressure, glucometer, weighing scale, pulse oximeter are placed in corporate buildings, shopping malls, super markets, airports etc. This enables employees and public for easy access to medical devices. User spends few minutes in Kiosk while readings are taken by the attender. Biometric data is captured wireless through Bluetooth technology and transferred to cloud. . ​

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CADI Research Foundation (Coronary Artery Disease in Indians) in its research that was published in 2014 found prevalence of hyper tension among Indians in urban areas is 20% to 40% and similarly in rural areas it is 12% to 17%. High blood pressure is major public health problem in India and its prevalence is rapidly increasing. The disturbing factor is that 67% of those with hypertension were unaware of their diagnosis. The generalized obesity in South India was alarmingly high with 46%. Prevalence of known diabetes in India is 30%. Corporate employee population has high incidence of blood pressure, obesity and diabetes than the general public due to stressful work situations, lifestyle changes and economic upward mobility.